How to attract more clients on Social Media

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Did you know posting just promotional content on social media is not  good practice! It just doesn’t work for a lot of reasons. Most people, looking to grow their business on social media, post more Call to Action and Promotional posts, rather than something that engages their audience. Let’s not fall for this tactic and see how to attract more clients and audience on social media! 

Stay Consistent 

By consistently posting, you’re not only working on your engagement but also making your followers recognise you as a travel advisor! It is important for your followers to instantly recall your name whenever they think of working with someone to plan their trips. 

Building Connections

When you focus on making connections first and selling your travel services second, you’ll be able to attract more clients on social media and convert your following into bookings. This is how you create a base for your bookings. Building Connections is an essential part of social media marketing, even when it is to get more leads and clients. 

You’ll increase brand awareness, stronger connections, and set yourself up to convert your followers into bookings if you can take a moment to communicate with your followers in a meaningful and personal way. When they first follow you, leave a comment on their material, react to their tales, and send them a greeting. It takes time and dedication, but it is well worth the effort.

Plan your content wisely

You can not just post anything! Focusing just on promotional content is a big NO! You should plan your content around your services, what you do, even your personal life a little bit in addition to promoting your business through offers, discounts or any other promotional post. Engaging your audience is a major part of getting more and more clients online. 

Humanize your business

Your audience should also know you and who you are. Letting them know about your business is essential but we should not ignore that people build connections with people and not businesses. They should also be able to Trust you as a travel advisor and as a person on a  personal note. Because there is only one you, it is also easier to stand out in the thoughts of your followers when you make yourself a part of your content.

Solve Problems 

Start letting your audience know how you can solve their problems and be a one stop solution for all their travel related queries. Convey how you will help them in achieving their dream vacation with family, friends or a solo trip too. 

Showcase your expertise

All of us know how expertise works when it comes to building trust. Showcase all your expertise through various channels. It can be a recent successful trip you planned or a milestone/award you achieved. Anything that you think proves your ability as a travel expert should be out there.

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