How Small Travel Agencies Can Generate Online Sales Lead

Travel is the 2nd oldest profession on this earth and has continued to grow since then. However, this Covid-19 Pandemic brought a tough phase for this domain and we saw a lot of agencies going out of business. There were a lot of reasons for this failure like not adapting to the rapidly changing market or relying too much on the host agency.

But an interesting fact to note here is that not all players vanished out of the market, infact some agencies grew their business during this tough time and came out even stronger. One major reason for this success was the online transition of business. These organizations hopped onto the trends like digital marketing and social media marketing to generate leads. Let’s have a look at some important factors which can help your travel agency generate online sales.

  1. Testimonials & Incentives

Customer Testimonials can work like magic if used correctly. In order to gain real and quality testimonials you can offer special discounts and other incentives to your clients on their next trips. This not only helps you to retain your customers but also acts as a marketing tool for other new clients. Travel being an experience providing business people generally look for such things before making a booking.

  1. Ads

Online Ads have changed the method of doing business entirely. So much data is available and you have the option to target as much specific audience as you wish and the best part here is you need to pay for the ads after the conversion. For Example you want to run an ad for a honeymoon destination, you can choose your audience who are recently engaged or married. 

  1. Market your Niche

This is an important aspect in travel agency business. You have to select a niche which you want to cater to and become experts for the same. For  example, a travel agency which specializes in Honeymoon travel might not be suitable for medical tourism. In order to reach your target audience you need to extensively market your niche and choose the right target audience for the same. You need to have a professionally designed website for your travel agency. Get it here!

  1. Networking

Networking is very important for a travel agency on both the demand and supply side. In order to get the best deals and other benefits, having the right host agency in your network is very important. Similarly in order to maintain and grow your customer base you need to maintain a direct relationship with them. Conducting webinars and meet ups are some of the ideal ways for this.

  1. Email & Message Promotions

Email & Whatsapp Marketing can help you reach masses and take your travel agency to the next level. Email marketing is a good way to stay in the radar of your customers. Keep sharing Special deals, cashback offers and other promotions which not only fuels their urge to travel but also brings traffic to your website. Sending personalized whatsapp messages with catchy CTA’s can also be of great benefit. 

  1. Social Media Marketing

Social media has revolutionized the marketing for businesses. Understanding customer behavior and Interaction with customers has now become much easier. Concepts like influencer marketing, News jacking and meme marketing are very popular these days. Especially the younger audience engages the most via this channel and if used in the right direction social media marketing can do wonders for your travel business.

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