5 Proven Ideas to Engage Your Travel Audience

Clever Ways To Update Your Travel Page

Are you missing out on a huge section of Travellers? There are plenty of Travel pages on Facebook or Instagram that posts Content Daily but are not able to stand out and capture Quality leads.

Travel Industry players need to keep up with trends in order to reach more potential customers. You can market your Travel Agency to reach out to 1000s of new customers daily.

Here are 5 easy, tried & tested ways for Travel Companies to keep up their Travel Page Updated:

  • This or That
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A Basic facebook post to create engagement would be to ask your audience a ‘this or that” question. You can easily upload two photos in your post and pose the question in your caption. Tempt your audience to choose between the destinations, favourite activities and even food!


Posting optimistic Travel news and Guidelines during this pandemic can do wonders for your Travel Page. Travelers love talking about their favourite destinations opening up. So keep them engaged with the latest happenings in the Travel Industry.


You can post a ‘Just for Fun’ Quiz weekly and highlight the famous landmarks near the Hotels and resorts. You can easily create a following that comment answers on your Quiz post. Do remember to respond and reveal the answers.


Weather is a perfect topic for the audience as it always gets them talking.  Tempt them with images of snowfall, sunny beach or any other enticing  images from one of your destinations.


Community events are a great way to bring everyone together. Share these with your audience and create awareness of all your destinations and the vibrant activities going on there. The more people share your content, the more followers you are likely to gain. 

To stand out, Travel Industry Players need to focus on every aspect of their Travel Page and should be focused on posting unique content.

Now if you’re looking for a one-stop solution to Facebook marketing, then congratulations because you’re exactly where you need to be!

We at Voyo help you Travel consultants in marketing your travel business! We provide personalized content such as Daily News, Destination Videos, Festive Greetings and much more!

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