Is the Internet Killing Your Travel Business?

The growth of the internet has been a constant threat to many jobs and businesses. In today’s day and age, almost anyone can book flights or hotels on their phones. Technology has made it convenient for travellers to connect with services, erasing the need for the middleman.  As the world is coming closer, the job of a travel agent is commonly believed to have been killed by the internet. 

Know the Threat

The internet has a dozen websites that offer travel-related solutions in a matter of seconds. With online payments booking ravel is not an uphill task anymore. However, Travel is not about the destination or the transfers anymore. Anyone can find the best restaurant or the best hotel with a pool. People want more. They want an experience that is wholesome and memorable. 

The task here is to convince your customers that your business is not just a faceless website but a service that is personalized as per their desires. When it comes to understating the needs of travellers, your experience as a travel agent is way more effective than any algorithm on the internet.  

‘Trust’ the Old Ways

Trust is the key, a cliche that might never cease to be true. As travel advisors, your recommendations and choices hold a much higher value for the customer. DIY travel allows people to make their own choices! Sounds Great! But in reality, people don’t want to take chances with their money in unknown places. 

Online reviews with catchy images and star ratings might give them a lot of options, but the guarantee of the time of their life is something a personal travel advisor can do best. So when you send your customers to an offbeat unknown cafe that they would not have found on the internet, you are automatically creating value for your business. 

Tech-Enables Travel

It is very unlikely for the world to go offline, which means being online is the only way to be present. This does mean that your agency should pivot towards a DIY travel model. It only means that embracing an online presence will only help your business in selling its unique points to a larger audience. No matter how small your business is, a simple website adds to the overall value of your brand. Voyo provides a professionally designed, SEO integrated and personalized website for all travel advisors.

As a travel advisor, it would be wise to move towards a hybrid model, where your business offers services that are beyond the purview of the internet but sells them using the internet!

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