Do’s and Don’ts for Travel Business in the Post Pandemic World

The coronavirus outbreak has been a momentum killer for the entire travel industry. The repetitive lockdowns, dynamic travel guidelines and shutdowns did not make it easy for people to travel. 

The stunted growth of travel thankfully was temporary and travel has shown promising signs of being back with a bang. If you are a travel advisor or you run a travel company, this is a crucial time for you. If you set the pace right at the beginning of this phase, you are likely to have a very profitable season. 


Health is Here to Stay

The biggest takeaway from the pandemic is that no matter what happens people will travel. This does not mean health is not important. Safety will remain a priority for a long time. As travel advisors, make sure you position your products accordingly. 

Embrace Change

Travel trends have seen a major swing due to international lockdowns. Travel behavior has changed. For instance, a newfound obsession with offbeat destinations is driving the market. Your survival in the industry is dependent on how well you can adapt to such changes and serve what sells.  


Travel is currently in its rebound phase, which means a lot is changing. This is the best time to learn and gather the maximum information from suppliers and industry experts. Talk to your suppliers, know what is new, understand the changes and try to create a resource bank for your business.  


The travel industry is not an island, and trust me, no one can survive alone. The post-pandemic world is more than excited to travel. This means the more contacts you have, the more conversions you can get. Expand your network of customers, suppliers and fellow agents. Share resources and help each other to make the best out of the situation.   


Missing Triple Checks

Travel especially across international borders is extra tedious, thanks to travel guidelines and rules. Now that several countries are opening up and guidelines are changing more dynamically, it is important to stay updated with what is happening. To ensure a seamless journey, keep a check on the requirements and communicate actively with your customer. 

Not Keeping Cancellations in Mind

The recurrent and sudden surges in covid cases are a sign that the post-pandemic world must get used to the situation. This means while making bookings for your clients, try to get deals with the best cancellation policy. Even if your customer fails to make a trip this time, a pleasant experience will make sure they come back to you.

Not Seeking Support

Flying solo will not only put you at a disadvantage but will also deprive your customer of the benefits offered by the market. Seeking support to close deals will help you stay afloat in the market and ensure that your customer gets the best possible experience at the best cost.

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